Frequently Asked Questions

Before anything, I must ask, what is with the gorilla?

That’s Ishmael!  He is an inspirational figure for me.  Ishmael is a fictional character in an amazing novel, by Daneil Quinn, called “ISHMAEL”.  Do you remember Koko the gorilla?  To me, Ishmael and Koko represent what can be achieved if we have the well and determination.  

How does the consulting support work?


The steps for this process are:


1. You submit a Consulting Support Request.

2.  I will respond by email within 48 hours to schedule a time convenient to both of us for a phone conversation to discuss the            broad nature of your request. During our phone conversation, if you and I determine that the request falls within the framework      of the approach I follow, we schedule a time to meet in person to discuss the details of the scope and the logistics of the              project.

3.  If we are in agreement, we will both sign a consulting agreement which describes the detailed scope of work and the                    estimated time for completing the project. 

 4. You designate one or more staff from your organization to work with me as a team to accomplish the desired outcomes.                 There will be periodic project reviews throughout the duration of the project to ensure that the team is on track.  The team             availability to work on the project will be discussed and decided by both of us.

 5.  Once the project is completed, we sign a project completion certificate.

 6.  ​Six months after completion of the project, I will contact you to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation.

Do you charge any fees?


No, I don’t charge any personal fees for the time I spend working on the project.  Basically, I consider my time and experience to be in-kind donation to your organization.  However, there is a $100 fee to pay for my administrative cost.  The fee is due after we sign the Consulting Support Agreement.   


Please note, depending on the nature of the scope, the project may require additional expenditure.  For example, if the nature of the scope requires holding a retreat, the cost associated with such event would be covered by your organization. 

Do you have any criteria for the nonprofits you work with?

Yes!  In order for me to provide useful services, I try to work with organizations who meet the following criteria:

1. Operating Budget: $50,000 and above

2. Staff size: Minimum one.

3. And of course, must have earnest desire for excellence.

For organizations who are smaller than that, the best I can do is provide coaching support.

What do you get out of this? What’s in it for you?

Well, I get many things.  Like I said in my welcome message, I am now retired.  I had a wonderful and rich career, and now I want to give back to the community.  Also, by doing this, I keep my mind young and sharp.  I don’t want to live a sedentary retired life, and I don’t want to engage in running a business.  This volunteer work uses the knowledge and experience I acquired throughout my career, which I hate to see fade away due to lack of use.