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Dear Nonprofits:

My name is Ibrahim Skandarani, and I am a management consultant who is offering to share my 27 years of knowledge and experience to help you with your organizational development needs. I invite you to explore how my volunteering based support could become a valuable resource for you to bring your nonprofits to the level of excellence.

Ibrahim Skandarani

PS: You will be amazed by the level of transformation in your organization if you settle for nothing but excellence.  

My Approach

The traditional approach followed by many consulting firms is based on  “Ask the Expert”, in which client organizations ask consulting firms to perform certain services for a fee.  In return, the consulting firms perform the services using their own people and technology with very little knowledge transferred to the client.  In my work, I don’t follow this approach.


My approach is built on the “Team Learning” discipline  of Learning Organization, where I work hand in hand with the client as one team.  This approach would include people from the client side who have been traditionally excluded from important team learning processes while the consulting projects are being implemented.  My role in these consulting projects is to facilitate the processes by which the projects are carried out.  This is done in full partnership with the client.  Of course, I would be bringing with me my rich consulting knowledge and experience as well as my team facilitation skills to guide the client team throughout the project life cycle. 


Strategic Planning

Establish organization's priorities; focus energy and resources to ensure that board members, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders are working toward common goals.

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Specialty Areas

Organizational Assessment


Assess the capacity of the organization to carryout its mission, and identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Board Alignment

Enable Boards to deepen their alignment around a common purpose; increase effectiveness; develop a mechanism to achieve common objectives.

Process Improvement

Identify, analyze and improve upon existing business and operations processes to meet higher standards of quality.

Year-End Organizational Review

Conduct year-end performance reviews for the organization as a whole; evaluate planned versus actual; establish accountability and identify areas for improvement; set goals for the coming year.


For inquiries, please email

Ibrahim Skandarani

Email: iskandih@gmail.com

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State:  Massachusetts

Areas: Greater Boston

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